State garden shows in Rhineland-Palatinate

State Garden Show Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler 2022

Opening: April 20, 2022
End: October 16, 2022

Under the motto "On life!", Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler will host the 5th Rhineland-Palatinate State Garden Show in 2022. "Healthy city, healthy life" is the all-encompassing theme of the State Garden Show Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler 2022. The focus is on the Ahr as a connection of the districts and as a life-giving water. Thus, the garden show winds along the Ahr from the Apollinaris Stadium to the Monastery of Calvary. Visit the State Garden Show in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler in 2022 and experience it from 20 April to 16 October 2022 what makes this State Garden Show so special.



State Garden Show Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler 2022


State Garden Show in Landau in the Palatinate 2015

Opening: April 17, 2015
End: October 18, 2015
185 days

The state garden show planned for 2014 in Landau had to be postponed to 2015 because of several bomb finds.

Site size: 27 hectares

The grounds of the Landesgartenschau consisted of the areas of barracks, Theodor Heuss Platz, Südpark, Landschaftsachse, Grüngürtel Süd and play and leisure campus.

Visitors: 823,000
total costs

Investment budget € 18.4 million
Expenditure implementation 13,6 million €
Revenue: € 8.9 million
1,000 trees planted,
4,000 m² alternating pile

A total of more than 4,000 events
18 indoor shows

Day ticket adult: 15 € - season ticket adults 90 €

Impressions from Landau in the Palatinate 2015

State Garden Show in Bingen am Rhein 2008

Opening: April 18, 2008
End: October 19, 2008
185 days site size: 32 hectares

The areas of the port core area, Hindenburganlage, Rhein-Nahe-Eck and railway area Bingerbrück Total

1.3 million visitors
32 million € investment costs
€ 8 million implementation costs

Impressions from Bingen am Rhein 2008

Landesgartenschau Trier 2004

Opening: April 22, 2004
End: October 24, 2004
186 days State Garden Show
Terrain: 44 hectares

Exhibition grounds: former military site of the French armed forces on the Petrisberg

A total of 725,000 visitors
Investment volume amounts to € 15.2 million
Implementation budget € 10.3 million Revenues € 6.2 million

2nd Rhineland-Palatinate State Garden Show is under the motto "Under the sign of the elements" fire, water, air and earth

3,000 cultural events

Impressions from Trier 2004

Landesgartenschau Kaiserslautern 2000

Opening: April 20, 2000
End: October 14
178 days

Terrain: 22 hectares

Sub-areas combed yarn spinning mill, slaughterhouse, Kaiserberg, Neumühlepark

Total visitors according to the calculation at that time: 1,045,000
Cost: 22.3 million DM
Investment budget DM 11.4 million
Implementation budget planting: 900 trees, 6,700 shrubs, 20,000 perennials, 40,000 spring bloomers
1,470 events
Construction time: 21 months,
1. Divisional engraving: July 14, 1998

Admission day ticket adults: 17,00 DM – season ticket 120,00 DM


Impressions from Kaiserslautern 2000