Shaping the future

A network of "green" public spaces, which is firmly anchored in the minds and hearts of a population through positive experiences in everyday life, is a decisive pillar for the social and economic success of a society. Because where we are doing well, we integrate and identify ourselves and ultimately contribute to the common good.

Using free spaces to shape a common future therefore means developing them with the citizens in order to be able to implement idealistic expectations harmoniously into built spaces.

Joint thinking and acting of a public is indispensable for a sustainable, sustainable development of locations. Because current complex issues of demographic change, migration, social balance and climate change can only be solved together.
Identity-creating places are an important motor for participation and cooperation: In them we can meet spontaneously, cultivate a positive atmosphere, exchange knowledge and thus live, learn and further develop a common culture.

By maintaining and designing characteristic open spaces, we communicate common values and thus promote identification and joint performance for the design of a positive future.

State garden shows in Rhineland-Palatinate are an essential means of developing "green" as a hard location factor. Early and continuous public participation is a central component of this funding instrument. State Garden Shows
- bring together various topics and funding areas as well as stakeholders from politics, administration, business, institutions and citizens in terms of content and time
- serve as platforms to communicate best practice examples of key topics of sustainable development to the general public.
- strengthen the identity in the performing city and region and thus shape the image to the outside world.

State garden shows are thus an important instrument for jointly developing concepts for the city and region.

The application for a state garden show alone is a productive step to combine forces and coordinate a strategy to start a development process.