Objectives of a state garden show

Integrative, exemplary regional and urban development policy

Objective: To initiate a sustainable and exemplary development of hard and soft location factors in the urban area and the adjacent region. State garden shows are a suitable instrument for developing urban areas and rural regions with location-related deficits due to conversion-related, demographic and climate-related challenges in a sustainable way. Due to the high level of public attention, they are platforms for testing new ways of sustainable urban and rural development as models.

State Garden Show as a citizens' project

An early and more intensive participation of citizens must be planned already in the application phase. Working together with citizens strengthens sustainable and identity-creating location development.

Temporal and spatial merging of measures
from various topics and policy areas

  • Sustainable improvement of the quality of life and the environment in urban and rural areas, with particular reference to the demographic situation
  • Presentation of a model for climate-neutral housing and full supply of renewable energies, performance of measures for adaptation to climate change
  • Creation of offers for ... a sustainable and inclusive neighborhood development, ... family-, child-friendly and age-appropriate living and living ... affordable, barrier-free housing ... diverse neighborhood development with integration of residential and commercial
  • Strengthening environmentally friendly mobility: foot-bike connections, e-mobility, public transport
  • Improvement of the living environment for leisure and recreation ... Sustainable safeguarding and creation of natural and horticulturally designed open spaces with play sports areas ... Promotion of self-initiative and community projects in the residential environment ... Strengthening social and cultural development in neighbourhoods
  • Strengthening the regional, cultural and social self-esteem of the population, the awareness of the region
  • Information and sensitization of the population through exemplary, natural and sustainable design and maintenance of open spaces, information events, teaching and school gardens, projects from different disciplines.
  • Creation of a diverse range of visitors that takes into account the requirements of an inclusive society.
  • Showing new ways of turning to nature and garden
  • Presentation of the performance of horticulture, landscape and sports field construction, landscape architecture for the development and quality assurance of location factors
  • Strengthening the marketing of regional products and regional economic cycles
  • Support for integrated, local action with active participation of citizens