Our tasks

With the decision of the Council of Ministers, the responsible ministry is instructed to supervise the implementation of a state garden show. Currently, the task lies with the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Our tasks in this process are:

  • Advising the Ministry on the application guidelines and the selection procedure.
  • Support of the evaluation and selection process by sending experts from the management and the member associations of the project company.
  • Negotiation of a partnership agreement with the executing municipality for the implementing company for the state garden show.
  • Foundation of the implementing company as a partner of the city. The project company has a 40% stake in this company.
  • Posting of an employee as managing director of the technical area of the implementing company.
  • Ongoing participation in the management of the implementation process through seats in the shareholders' meeting, on the supervisory board as well as through direct advice on issues or provision of consultants from the network.